One of the craziest things I have heard Nigerians brag about has got to be about their “hot temperedness” their anger. The way they say it you are almost tempted to think anger is a virtue of our Lord, Jesus Christ. A fruit of the spirit.

“Haaaa! I get hot temper oh!”I no dey talk oh but if I vex pere. If I no do wetin dey my mind, my mind no dey comedown,”You no fit hold me if I dey vex oh”

Really?  Clap for yourself. In fact go and use it to collect money in Gtbank. We are in luck. Kerosine  and gas is too expensive, we will use your temper to bake cake, no?

I started taking anger seriously in Final Year, when my girlfriend’s roommate was browsing and suddenly she went into a feat, she was screaming as she dashed her new Blackberry Curve repeatedly on the concrete floor until nothing was left of it.

We, my girlfriend and I had hurdled up at her corner and looked on. Hold her? I dey craze? Later she came to apologize to me. The silly Apologia Theory I had learnt in school finally made sense, it wasn’t an apology,  it was an oath of secrecy more like.  Who could I tell?

Social Media show that many people are just walking volcanoes. Angry and Angering folks. The rate at which people take offence and fly into a rage whether over important and inconsequential gist, you must wonder if they fell on their head during birth. Is it the weather, could it be frying our brains, is it the economy? Agreed we are hungrier.

Research according to one study from Washington State University says, “Letting your anger out explosively may be harmful because it triggers surges in stress hormones and injures blood vessel linings.” In fact, as you grow older such outburst and you are messing with heart attack. Because  according  them, when a person is angry, their risk of heart attack increases by nearly five-fold and their risk of stroke goes up more than three-fold in the two hours following an angry outburst. Not to mention stress, and that fact that it makes you a sad, grumpy old mop. You see ya life? Over Social Media gist,  with someone almost nonexistent in the real sense of the word.

Whether  small or big you have to curb your feelings. First things first: What is even making you angry? True some people are yamheads on social media but if you think everyone should give you the respect “you deserve” you are one of the yam heads. If you think your opinion is above everyone else’s, you are… And if only you can’t decipher satire, you are Yamhead in Chief.

Do not keep grudges

Don’t take yourself too seriously

Laugh for no reason

Eat. Let your hunger not turn to anger.

Think. Trust me, if you realise you could be upsetting someone unknowing as much as that idiot is upsetting you, you wont take it to heart.

Don’t stew,  share your thoughts,

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