The first time I chatted with the girl that was teaching Children’s Department in my former church, I wept.

This was me, an adult struggling to understand this lady, who could barely write proper English,  how on earth did the children cope? But more than that how much havoc was she wrecking to their susceptible minds?

Many churches are not very particular about who is in the Children’s Department. As long as those people keep the children quiet and the adults, distraction free. Most are guilty of what the apostles did when people brought their children to Jesus for him to bless them. 

So we find Children Departments in most churches relegated to the -uncompleted -unporshe-unkempt areas of the church.

They miss out on the word by the Senior Pastor and other truths. They make noise all Sunday, they are technically useless except a children’s programme is coming up soon.

This is particularly sad for me because I attended populated Public Schools my entire life, was raised where Pidgin English was the go-to and I had to depend heavily on the my Sunday School and Children teachers who were both sound University graduates for my English development plus we didn’t have a Children’s Department while I was growing up. We heard what the adults heard.

Why do we have Children’s Department now? Space for adults or the preaching is too heavy for kids comprehension?

If it is the former, I think church should realise that children are an integral part of the church, as a matter of fact, the real people you can influence and transform. They must be inculcated into the plan whether or not they can’t “sow seeds”

If for the latter, I suppose messages from the pulpit should truly be simple for everyone, it is the gospel for God’s sake not Quantum Physics.  But where that is not possible, I recommend that children  must be put in the care of people who are fully qualified to take care of them both mentally, spiritually and psychologically in an equally decent environment.

It is a serious business that shouldn’t  be taken lightly especially in church or else we could lose the very ones God says are the true reflection of heaven.


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