here is a woman in Ilupeju, if you eat her porridge beans and fried yam ehn, you will know of a truth that Jesus is Lord. Oh the love this woman put in in the making, for not just the nourishment of your body but your soul. I am telling you if she ventured into Evangelism, another 5000 would happen.

One day, gist came up while I was doing my Internship, they said, “she may be using juju”

Picture this, if you go early, you will catch her making the beans. She would cook the beans until it was very soft, technically beat all the recalcitrant hardness from the average Nigerian Zuma beans, then she will pour a gallon of palm oil into a hot, clean, firewood baked pot, she would have prepped these monstrously giant onions you only thought existed in Kano and co. And slice them so gorgeously, you are wondering whether they want to use it for Calabar Carnival.

She will then chop fresh tomatoes, pepper, others she will blend and all these, she will add in batches to the glowing oil. When that fries a bit, she adds some roughly blended crayfish, ogiri, dried fish and seasoning and when the beauty cooks enough, she pours it on the soft beans, she “incriminates” everyone and adds the final batch of onions – in the full glare of the public, in her local but clean shack.

Then she settles her giant frying pan on the fire and fries the already sliced yams on demand, she sells as e dey hot. If she ran out of yams, you waited a bit and it came. It was hot, affordable and delicious and yes, there was always a nice, long, patient queue by lunch time at her place.

All through my IT days, I gladly went to buy my “juju” everyday.

Is Juju not real? You play too much. Of course it is. I have seen too much to know better plus I believe in God, logic dictates that if I believe in the existence of one, I believe in the opposite too

But these days, I see a lot of folks who sell food. They say “no market” they blame Buhari then of course their competition, they insist the other woman is using “Juju and Jazz” (capital letters is deliberate) but if you eat their own food, you will be contemplating for days whether that thing you bought with your money and passed through your oesophagus was food or shit.

You do realise it takes juju to get people to come eat crap when there is a better offer else where right?

Most idle men in my area sit down everyday drinking palmie and claim that those in politics, those with big houses and cars are in secret cults. “Them dey Society, dem don sell their soul give devil, them use their family do ritual” year in year out, I pray these men “do their own juju” but apparently, it is in the bottles of Shepe and Ogogoro, and before my eyes poverty peels their clothes from their backs. They wear and tear, and then disappear like they never existed.

Find your own juju, create your own Fuji, sell with your own jazz.


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