One of the gravest mistakes born again sisters  make is to believe that because a man is not asking for sex, he is 100yards Husband Material

He is not kind, he is impatient, he is boastful, he thinks about only himself, he is judgemental. So why the devil are you still with him? Are questions that are often greeted with a prideful,  “He is born again Christian  and he is not asking for sex”

So?  Although it seems like everyone is in a hurry to sow oats, I will have you know that “celibacy” is not a thing that only Christian brothers are capable of,  more and more people are not having sex for reasons as simple as “no reason”. Some guys don’t want to because there’s a lot of emotional involvement that comes with having sex with somebody, it is not only women that say,  “We are moving too fast, I am not ready yet. There is also a category  of people who may have erectile dysfunction,  depression, and especially for folks with a religious affiliation, shame. So,  a guy may decide to keep good face with you and church sisthren but he will be straffing other people or just calmly multitask his hands.

Plus, he may also not find you desirable.Yep! Same guy you think is clueless around you will remove Busty Jane’s Bra in 5seconds.

I know a guy who says he is celibate but have a trailer load of pornography on their hard drive even perverse priests in the monastery would be envious. I know another one who always  kept a condom in the inner ruckus of his wallet, that wasn’t so bad except  it was a different condom each time (of course, he didn’t know I knew about his ruckus)

I could go on. Okay. Agreed, some guys are genuinely not having sex but, you cannot base your entire parameters for settling with someone on the fact that the man is not asking for sex  premaritally.

You guys will eventually have the sex in marriage, it won’t be a big deal anymore and all the other things you ignored will come back to bite you in the butt.

So shine ya eyes. Born Again Sisters find out if brother will lose interest when he has the sex. Whether you will see him as champ once you guys have consummated.

Find out if he is romantic, open minded to sexual matters, is he going to be open leg, humph and out?

Is he kind, honest, honorable? Ask the tough question ladies, don’t play with your life. Whether he is “Worded”, can fast for 40 days and 40 Nights, can lead praise and worship, can stay without sex forever and a day won’t matter that much in marriage.








  1. I’ve always wondered: “How can a woman know whether she will see her man as a champ or not after sex, without first having sex with the bloke”?

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